nishtha khanna (rated 5.0) on 27/05/2017

Mali, thank you for everything. You are the best instructor. Very patient and considerate. Helped with all the aspects of driving, Lane checks and head checks. Prepare me well for test. Thanks one again.

Bii Hoang (rated 5.0) on 27/03/2017

If you're looking to pass your test, pick Mali. With many previous lessons from various instructors from different schools, I have found Mali to be the most understanding and caring instructor who genuinely wants you to succeed. She doesn't push you to purchase more lessons, is direct and always puts herself in your shoes. She genuinely wants you to pass your test. She's very easy to get along with and gives you that much needed pep talk before your test to calm your nerves. I love her positive style of teaching and absolutely enjoyed each lesson with her. Very happy I met her and will definitely recommend her to everyone.

Miriam Bevan (rated 5.0) on 27/05/2017

Mali was a wonderful instructor who helped me build a lot of confidence when I was a very nervous driver to begin with. Mali was very patient and gave step by step instructions on how to complete parallel reverse very easily and also took a lot of time helping me review areas where I was less certain. Mali ensured that I became not only a good driver but a safe driver as well. She is super friendly, organised and very encouraging. Mali was a great teacher and I would recommend her to anyone and would use her again in the future if ever I decide to take refresher lessons.

Krutika Patel (rated 5.0) on 27/04/2017

Today I passed my driving test in Carlton on first attempt and massive thank you goes to my instructor Mali. She is such wonderful teacher, always calm and very patient. I moved from India 10 years ago and not driven during my time in Australia. I had lack of confidence and zero experience on Australian roads but Mali made it so much easier for me.she made me less nervous straight away and as a result I feel so confident on road today. I highly recommend Mali!! she is very helpful and professional. Thanks.

Senem Doner (rated 5.0) on 27/04/2017

I have passed my driving test on my very first attempt in Carlton with Courtenay! He is such a great teacher and builds your confident so quickly. He is making sure that you are a safe driver! I had 15-16 driving sessions with him and I have got my Green p plate. Strongly recommend Courtenay! Thank you very much :)