lan nguyen (rated 5.0) on 24/02/2017

Mali is a fantastic driving instructor! I still could not believe that I passed the test, that's was because of so much support Mali has given me. Mali was very helpful and professional. Her lessons were very valuable and quality. I have no hesitation to recommend her to any other!!! Go with Mali, you will pass!!!

Jameela hasssan (rated 5.0) on 24/01/2017

Mali is a Fantastic Driving trainer. I did 3 to 4 lessons with other instructor and i became a more nervous leaner . i thought i never can drive again because that instructor was always yelling on me. but my mom told me i should try another school once i open the VIP website, read reviews about Mali i choose her as my driving instructor and from 1st lesson she gave me a lot of confidence and again i start loving driving. she is very Patience, polite and she knows very well how to earn respect. I did 11 lessons with her and in every lesson there was something new to learn. Her personality is a combination of very good teacher and a friend who you can fully trust and Rely. Mali is the person who never come late always 5 minutes early. Today I'm Very Very happy that i got my Licence in Carlton in First attempt yaaaaaaaaa.. its just because of you Mali.. I'm sorry for the picture Mali. Mali you are the most beautiful woman inside and out I have ever met.. Thanks again

Michelle, Yinsuan Tan (rated 5.0) on 24/11/2016

Elmer is an amazing and most patient driving instructor ever! A very dedicated and knowledgeable instructor, he made the extra effort to fix my mistakes throughout all the lessons and at times, illustrating the traffic situations on a notebook for me to visualize better (which was really effective!) Teaching me the driving fundamentals, parking techniques and all the key points that one need to pay attention to at Carlton’s driving test routes. I’ve no prior experience in driving but in just a month, Elmer taught me to be a confident and safe driver and I acquired my license on the first attempt! Couldn’t have ask for a better instructor from VIP driving school! Thank you Elmer, all credits goes to you!

Dr Meroo (rated 5.0) on 24/01/2017

Mali thank you so much❤❤ .On my first lesson I was really nervous and lacked in confidence but Mali made me feel comfortable from the beginning and every lesson since has been full of fun and laughter. I've enjoyed the lessons with Mali simply due to how relaxed and patient she is as an instructor, even when mistakes are made! I would recommend Mali to anyone, especially those nervous about learning to drive as she puts you at ease straight away. Thank you for helping me pass first time Mali. You'r the best and I am lucky to have you with me during my learning journey. I am sure no one else can be so professional as Mali. I would recommend Mali to anyone wanting to drive. I honestly can't think of any bad thing to say about her. She helped me pass my test and enjoy my experience of learning to drive. I can not thank you enough Mali.

Jennifer Leung (rated 5.0) on 24/01/2017

Mali was an amazing driving instructor! I had some driving experience previously but was always very nervous and not confident. Mali was very good at giving me instructions and teaching me the skills I need to be a safe driver. She was also very patient with me when I made mistakes and went over them with me afterwards. She was also always on time for my lessons and gave her full attention. I highly recommend Mali!